Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars 2

Quake Wars is a Quake game that is played very much like Battlefield
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Quake Wars is a Quake game that is played very much like Battlefield. Now, the game includes elements from both series. The Quake series is fictional in nature. That is to say, there is an alien species and technology is much more advanced that the tech present in Battlefield games. But the gameplay is kind of the same. There is a single player campaign that takes you through a series of missions based on a plot that is also based on the Quake series. If you go multiplayer, that is when the Battlefield elements start to surface. The multiplayer modes are pretty much a clone of Battlefield with Quake units. There are two teams. Each team has to either capture or retain possession of a base or flag. There are vehicles that the players can use. There are aerial and ground vehicles. The more people are holding a base at a given moment, the easier and faster that base is captured. Once you die, you come back to life in one of the bases that your team holds. The gameplay is just like that. And it isn't bad; it just feels like a clone in my opinion.

José Fernández
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  • Great graphics and gameplay


  • Some Battlefield elements in it
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